I’ve also been studying mindfulness and meditation and have been on my own healing journey for over a decade. While I’ve experienced profound shifts in my life there always seemed to be something that was keeping me “stuck”.

When I found Breathwork, years of old patterns, emotions, and trauma began to fade away; I finally felt at home in my body and more profoundly connected to myself than ever before.

What I discovered was that through my own breath I had control over my nervous system, which in turn allowed me more control in my life and how I responded to situations and my own emotions.

After years consumed by anxiety and moments where I truly didn’t want to be here anymore, I finally felt light and free.

I was empowered to create my own boundaries and ways of being in the world instead of the world dictating it for me. It’s easy to underestimate the power of the breath to heal physically and emotionally, and I can attest through my own experiences and those I’ve worked with that these feelings of peace and harmony and an overall “wow” are a common effect.

I can now trust my inner voice and inner knowing and am confident that this work will help countless others as well. It is my mission to bring this sense of empowerment, self-love, trust, and joy to others through the power of your own breath.

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