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Kat Beaudion, Hope, Belief, Trust,  offers personal development consultation services to individuals and groups through private sessions, workshops, retreats, seminars and courses that facilitate heart centered self discovery.  Embodied educational events provide the knowledge, wisdom, and practices that support participants in evolving their self knowledge for the purpose of making desired and lasting change.  Her focus areas include:  The Work that Reconnects,  Sacred Garden and Landscape Design,  Connecting and Healing with our Ancestors, in which she incorporates her knowledge of myth and archetype to deepen self-understanding.

Kat Beaudoin received formal education at UMaine, graduating with distinction and a Bachelor’s Degree in Plant and Soil Science and minors in Education and Foreign Languages.  During her ‘first act’, her love for the earth led her to positions as City Tree Warden and Horticulturist, and Community Development Specialist which launched her 26 year career in land use management.  This culminated as Director of City Planning in Augusta, Maine, and Chief of Transportation Planning for the State of Maine.  She continues her involvement in the land use arena as a part-time private consultant.

Now in her ‘second act’, she is trained in several energy medicine modalities including Reiki, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Shamanism.  She studied healing and therapeutic gardens at the Boston Architectural College and is a sanctioned facilitator of  ‘The Work That Reconnects’, a process developed by author, activist and Buddhist scholar Joanna Macy that fosters interpersonal and multi-cultural connection for the purpose of recognizing our common ground and for perpetuating life on this amazing planet.  Kat has been a student of best-selling author and renowned spiritual teacher Caroline Myss since 2009.

She offers design consultation for the sacred spaces and fabricates specialty carriers of all types. (Kat Beaudoin, Hope Belief Trust) (Kats Eye Carriers)