Karen is an intuitive medium who has been sensing energies and channeling those in spirit from a very early age.  While this seemed very normal to her as a child, she realized it was not the same thing many others perceived and began to withdraw from sharing her experiences for fear of being thought of as weird or different.  In her early teens, spirit began reaching out more intensely in an effort to help her grow and expand her gifts, but she again shut it down in an effort to remain “normal.”

In 2013, she was given the opportunity to begin studying with a medium who recognized her gifts and offered to help her grow.  She cautiously began the journey of moving toward releasing her fears and being who she truly was, without hiding her gifts.  After beginning a new course of study in mediumship in 2016, she felt she was on the right path and slowly began to share her gifts with others on a larger scale.  The universe, however, had other plans to move her forward more quickly and intervened with a near death accident that completely changed her life and brought her abilities on full force.  After this, she finally accepted that mediumship was something she was called to do.  She enjoys blending with spirit to help others connect with loved ones and divine wisdom to assist them along their own life journeys.